Jun. 7th, 2013

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Title: Harry Hibiki
Author: USA_Tiger
Fandom: Harry Potter/Ranma 1/2
Genre: Crossover
Summary: On the night Voldemort attacks the Potter's home, a completely different person finds Harry before Sirius Black or Hagrid. Harry is found and adopted by Nermia's very own eternal lost boy Ryoga Hibiki! Soon Harry will be joining his classmates at Hogwarts but how will Hogwarts handle this kind of Harry? And how does it affect the prophecy, what is the 'power he knows not?


"This direction curse, if it is one, is unlike anything I have ever seen sire" Ripblade said with a shake of his head. "I had the boy lead me around the bank so I could see if it is as bad as he claims." Ripblade shook his head again, pressing his fingers to his forehead. "It is much, much worse. We entered a doorway that *should have* lead us toward the upper vaults we use for new clients and somehow ended up at the other end of Diagon Alley"

Ragnok's eyes widen, he had never heard of a spell or curse like this. "Teleportation then?"

"It must be, but he seems to have no knowledge when he is doing so. All the boy seems to know is that he is one place one moment and another the next. He cannot seem to even follow the simplest direction without getting lost. I instructed him to go left and instead he goes right. He seems to have some sort of sixth sense, he can detect when he is about to be attack, we saw that with his fight with Captain Snapfang and the guards. He can also sense when someone is watching him but cannot seem to point in the direction it is coming from." Ripblade shook his head once again, he was getting a headache just thinking of it. "The strange thing is, every time I scanned him, I could not find anything that could be a source of this disability. He simply has no sense of direction."

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