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Nov. 13th, 2012 09:31 am
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purplemoon3 has recently consolidated all of her fics into a masterlist which is great.  No more searching through multiple sites.  So I thought I should share it with you all.

Fic Links Found Here

I especially suggest you read:

Bait and Switch
The Checklist
Happy Accidents
Mostly Harmless
Takes All Kinds
To the Emerald City
Where No Dresden Has Gone Before

Heck, just read them all.

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Five of my favorite authors in case you find yourself with some spare time and am looking for something new to read.  As much as I enjoy fanfiction there is nothing better than curling up in a comfy chair with a cup of tea (or coffee, or cocoa), your cat/dog, and your favorite book.  Once again in no particular order.

1. Anne McCaffrey- Most famous for her series the Dragonriders of Pern, which centers around the ongoing struggle to protect their planet from a flesh eating organism that falls from the sky know as Thread.  The original trilogy starts with Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and the White Dragon but continues far in the past and into the future.  However I would also suggest The Powers that Be, the Crystal Singer Trilogy, The Ship Series, and her Acorna Books.  What can I say other than she is one of my favorite authors for a reason.  Note, these books are science fiction, not fantasy, as is confirmed in the background novel Dragonsdawn, no matter what some (uniformed) people may say.

2. Piers Anthony- Now these books are fantasy.  Most famous for his wonderful, and wacky, magical world of Xanth.  Where the figurative becomes literal and children are subject to the dreaded Adult Conspiracy.  Thirty-five novels at last count, and the best part is this series has not gone noticeably downhill since it started.  Mostly because while characters and background from previous stories may appear, each novel is mostly self contained, though they are vaguely gathered into trilogies.  As I recall the one I ever read was Harpy Thyme (book 17).  However, if you do want to start from the very beginning the first novel is called 'A Spell for Chameleon.'

3. Tamora Pierce- This author also writes fantasy though it is not as light-hearted and humorous as the Xanth novels.  They are about events in a kingdom that happens to have magic instead of a magical kingdom if you know what I mean.  She tends to write in quartets, usually centered around a female protagonist.  Her first quartet, the Song of the Lioness, tells the story of Alanna of Trebond and the first book is called simply Alanna: The First Adventure.  Not very creative I know but her titles improved after that.  After switching places with her twin brother Thom, Alanna goes to the palace disguised as a boy in order to earn her knighthood.  Other series include The Immortals, Circle of Magic, The Circle Opens, Protector of the Small, The Trickster, and the Beka Cooper Trilogy.

4. Lynsay Sands- Though her vampire books, the Rogue Hunter and Argeneau Series' are fairly well known I prefer her historical romances which combine just the right mix of adventure, humor, and of course romance.  There is no love at first sight George/Marsha in these novels.  I mean, where else would you find a story where the bride is accidentally drugged insensate before the wedding and has to flop/nod her agreement because she can't speak.  Or where the fiance, irritated with her betrothed's lollygagging takes off, forcing her intended to track her down.  I would start with the trilogy Devil of the Highlands, Taming the Highland Bride, and the Hellion and the Highlander followed by The Deed, The Key, and The Chase.  Lady Pirate is also one of my favorites.

5. Jim Butcher- Don't be put off my the fact the main character of the Dresden Files is a wizard whose first name is Harry.  That one fact is just about the only thing the two series have in common.  Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (named after three famous stage magicians) is nothing like a malnourished, abused (yes I said abused), naive, not stupid but not super smart either, kid being pulled this way and that.  The Dresden Files are a much more adult book showing shades of gray instead of black and white and this Harry will never need a super!wand to save himself.  Yes, I admit it, I only read book seven because I wanted to know what would happen and I was not at all impressed.  Dresden works as a PI in modern day Chicago, and while he is perfectly happy to find a missing piece of jewelry in order to pay his rent many of his cases are much more dangerous.  It is depressing really; as Harry pointed out in one book, those cases are usually the ones he doesn't get paid for.  Yep, he makes more money fighting purple monkey's that throw flaming poop than he does saving the world.

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Here we have five of my favorite fanfiction authors in no particular order.  Seriously, I wouldn't be able to choose who came first.

Gryphonrhi- Writes in multiple series including crossovers.  Most common fandom is highlander.


"Yeah, Amanda?" he asked tiredly.

"What did the telegram say?"

He chuckled, almost amused. "Arriving Rapid Falls tomorrow afternoon, stop. Don't be there when I get there, stop. Take the lovely lady with you, stop. Matthew."

Icka M. Chif
- First stop for all my Magic Kaitou and Detective Conan needs.

”Tell me a lie.” Kid repeated. “An honest one. I’ll start.”

”I love my life.”

The words were said in such a neutral tone that it took Conan a second to realise what the thief had said. He did a double take, but the Kid’s expression was mild, just a polite little smile on his face.

Tell me a lie.

”I never lie to those I care about.” Conan said, keeping his own voice bland. Liar. Liar, liar, pants on fire, his brain chanted at him.

Cindy Combs- Author of an amazing AU series where Blair Sandburg is Macgyver's son.

"Report, soldier!" Kincaid barked.

"All of the fuses were removed from the box and crushed, sir. Haskins went to the supply building to get replacements."

Kincaid crossed his arms while he studied the bruised but still defiant man in front of him. "You continue to disrespect me. But I want to know how you keep getting out." No reaction except a cough came from Sandburg. Kincaid transferred his gaze to his men. "Strip search him."

Vathara- Hands down the best crossover/fushion writer out there.  Personally I have no idea why they don't write professionally.

From up ahead, near Hiko's hut, odd echoes of voices. "Oops."

"Oops?" Eerie echo or not, that was definitely Hiko; all arrogant annoyance, touched with a rare hint of true fury. "You couldn't even check that I had a pulse, you baka? What kind of shinigami are you?"

"Um... incoming!"

"Don't think the threat of imminent death gets you out of explaining!"

Merfilly- Author of over 1,000 works, each better than the last.

"How?!" Starscream demanded, though he did not deny the designation.

"I always know when you are plotting, my treacherous second."

He had listened to those spirits who had returned. He had heard Shockwave's voice decrying his fate. He had noted the other warriors, heard and realized those that had died most recently were the ones coming quickest to his temple.

Starscream's voice had never been heard. And yet, there was Scion, Megatron's perfect experiment to gain that crafty method of thinking without the disloyalty. Scion had evolved too close to true, betraying more influence than just that of his Combaticon guards and Megatron's teaching. It had not been hard at all for Megatron to surmise that his difficult second had cheated his fate.




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