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Yes: I did jump on the bandwagon
No: I did not draw these images by hand

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Well, have completed the challenge for manycases1truth.  Fic as well as a picture I made of Hakuba as a magical girl can be found here.

Also, in other news, why oh why would anyone password lock a webpage that contains nothing but fanfiction.  Fanfiction is meant to be read, otherwise why write it?  There is the most awesome Starscream and Megatron at this tumblr, but I can't get to it.  I tried asking for the password, so far though, no response.  Sighs

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Well, my norsekink fill Eye of the Beholder now has eight chapters and 91 reviews.  Part nine will be going up on New Years.  Haven't decided whether I am happy or not that no one has guessed what character will appear in the next chapter.  However, the number of people who guessed Frigga have caused me to attempt to mentally rework the last chapter to try and fit her in somehow.  Have pretty much decided the fic will end at chapter ten, eleven at most.

Also posted a magic kaitou fic for Christmas called Nutcracker based on a prompt from Girl on the Computer.  Facets of a Gem just has six more drabbles to go before closing forever.  I really should get on that as I find myself eager to start my new drabble collection but refuse to until the old one is finished.

You realize I already have ideas for 12 out of the 28 transformer ficlets, and I haven't even started writing it yet.  Speaking of, here we have yet another trine of OC seekers, the Three Seasons.  Trine Leader is Wintersfury followed by Summerlight and Springrain.

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Have been sucked into the fandom, and so I have decided that once Facets of a Gem is finished (just seven drabbles to go) I will be writing a collection of one-shots centered around Starscream.  Tentative title is 28 Little Screams, but if you have a better one feel free to comment.    Of course, guarenteed, at least one of these drabbles will involve sparklings.  I mean, who doesn't love sparklings.

So, using an online coloring book, irfanview, and paint have come up with these three guys.  I hope to get them in root form later which is more difficult than their alt modes.  They are the result of Skywarp drugging Screamer's energon because he thought his trine leader needed to loosen up.  Of course, this pic would be them all grown up, but like I have said before, one thing at a time.

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As the title said, this is a half baked story idea.  So half baked I am not even going to add it to my collection as I have no idea where it is going.  I would post it at the tf-bunny farm but well, I am sure you all remember my rants on that subject so I won't repeat them.  Feel free to adopt this, just send me a line first so I can read it once it is done.  Just no non-con or jumping into bed immediately.
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May. 18th, 2011 05:16 am
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Have been toying with a new fic idea lately and you know what that means. New Pic! Computer generated of course, but whatever works. So here we go, human!Kyuubi.


Jan. 24th, 2011 12:36 pm
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Answered a challenge on a Dresden Files Meme, and me being me, could not help but make a couple pictures.

Varick Dresden



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