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Have the day off tomorrow which to be honest kind of sucks because I need the money.  But, since I am off I am determined to write and post something.  With luck it will be the next chapter of Hidden Claws.

On another note, should this post reappear somewhere that is not my site #^@&#%*)* you.  Stealing fic is not cool.  At all.  If you want to post a link and recommend it that is one thing but just flat out jacking posts is rude in the extreme.  We work hard writing these stories and it is not too much to ask for others to have some courtesy.

If your stuff has been stolen you can complain here:

new fic

Jul. 28th, 2013 08:53 pm
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A new one-shot for my Flakes of Gold collection has been posted.  Link can be found below.



Apr. 26th, 2013 07:19 pm
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I do believe I have missed a fanfic update.  So, for those of you who do not haunt my accounts . . .

Flakes of Gold: Hunter and Choice

26 Little Screams: Guardian

Scribbles and Scratches: Battle Beneath and Around the Worlds

Hidden Claws: Chapter One

On another note, someone told me Austin (where I am currently working) has the fourth worst traffic in the United States.  This does not surprise me at all.  Driver's are crazy here.

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Current Chapter Story-

Eye of the Beholder: For most, the birth of a child is a time of great joy, for Loki it is one of fear.

Still need to write and post the epilogue.  I know, some of you were hoping it would be longer but I thought about it and everything I meant to do has been done.  Hopefully this will be marked as complete within the week.

One-shot Collections

Feathers on a Wing: Drabbles from the Kuroba 'Verse which was inspired by the translation of Kaito's name, a picture I saw once, and Icka's comment that 'Yes, Kid is just a little bit fae.

PoaT: Canon AU
: Like the title says, how would the episodes/OVAs/movies have happened in the Phantom of a Thief 'verse.

26 Little Screams: I scream, you scream.  We all scream for Starscream.  Most recent drabble is called Heir.  

I admit to having trouble writing the next one.  Mostly because it is based on a plunnie put forth by Balrog Roike and I have seventy percent of a full length chapter fic floating around my head in disjointed chunks.  Plus, you know, the scenes that don't fit into the fic.  I would write the one that popped into my head today and post it, but I am trying to spread out the bits of humor between the serious fic.  A few select quotes can be found beneath the cut.
Sneak Peek )

In the running for next chapter story:

Episode Three in my Phantom of a Thief Verse

A short story in the Kuroba 'Verse

Water's Thicker: a crossover between Magnificent Seven and Without a Trace

Old Friend's Never Die: a Forever Knight/Highlander crossover featuring Nick and Methos

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Having issues with the long awaited epilogue of Eye of the Beholder.  Mostly due to the realization that it doesn't really need an epilogue.  Sighs.  I am almost tempted to just mark it as complete, but I said I would write one so I will.  I just need to sit down, grit my teeth, and churn out something suitably fluffy to give it the whole 'and they lived happily ever after' vibe.

Fortunately my foray into Transformers is going better.  Links to latest additions can be found below.





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Having been sucked into Hetalia, have decided that Prussia is the most awesome character.  As such, I found myself writing a one-shot featuring him almost before I realized it.  It will probably be my only fic in this fandom but c'est la vie.  It can be found HERE. I hope you like it.

I also made a picture using  Though it seems his cross ended up under the shirt.  Pouts.  Ah well, you can still see part of it.

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Facets of a Gem is now complete with a whopping 100 drabbles.  Feel free to comment about which one is your favorite as well as why.  I intend to cross-post to manycases1truth assuming my livejournal ever starts working again.  Sighs, what is with that anyway.  New one-shots are entitled Sacrifice, Possession, and Finis.

I have also made my introduction into the Transformers fandom with 26 Little Screams. So far the only one that has been posted is the mini-fill I wrote for TFAnonkink, but I have several pre-written drabbles in my notebook waiting to be typed and several more fleshed out ideas stored in my head so updates should be fairly quick.

And on a third note, happy birthday to me.  I hope all of you are having as good of a day as me.  Am seriously starting to believe that cheesecake is addictive or something though.  I just keep cutting little slices off it.


Feb. 4th, 2012 10:50 am
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Okay, got my latest MK drabble up and posted.  I have entitled it Act I as neither Stage or Theater sounded right.  Reader response was good, but now I have a bunch of people asking about Act II, which I never intended to write.  Hrm, maybe I will include a little omake with the next drabble.  Enter Kaitou Kid the Second who prompted greets Nakamori-jisan.

I have also bitten the bullet and written a mini-fill for TFAnonKink.  It is a Starscream/Megatron fic and can be found here.  I will crosspost it on once my SS centered one-shot collection goes up, but like I said I want to finish Facets of a Gem before that happens.  Just three more drabbles to go.

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Part Eleven of  Eye of the Beholder is up.  Just the epilouge to go and it will be finished.  Honestly, when I started this I wasn't expecting it to become a full story.  Usually when I post a fill on one of the memes it is only three or four parts.  I have too many ideas of my own, see my plunnie corral here, to be writing those of other people.

As for real life, it has stopped raining which is good.  Having the sun come back out means I have a chance of drying my blue jeans without it taking a week.  Also, happy day.  Now that there are two veggie stands in my village the older one is trying to get an edge over his competition by selling some exotics that he ships into site.  Am currently happily munching on a strawberry.  I know, for those of you in America and Europe this does not seem like a big deal.  In Morocco it is.  Maybe if I am really lucky there will be peaches one week.  The season was so sort this year it was practically non-existent.

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I really meant to have this up before the White Collar Season premeire, but it didn't happen.  And well, the new episode was so awesome I have just lost the motivation.  However, I have already finished the first independent scene.  So, I have decided to post it here so anyone who is interested can read it and daydream about how it could have gone.


White Collar/Chuck Snippet )

Basic Premise is that Neal trades himself to Keller for Elizabeth.  Only he finds out to late that he has not acquired a non-violent thief so much as his twin brother.  The bad ass CIA agent.



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Author: peppymint
Title: Sweet
Rating: E for Everyone
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one
Note: Saw Natt_barn's entry for the revenge challenge and thought I better get cracking.  I thought of an idea almost the moment the prompt went up.

Sweet )

I also write this fic a couple years ago and thought I should repost it.  It is quite a bit darker but fits the challenge well.


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Well, have completed the challenge for manycases1truth.  Fic as well as a picture I made of Hakuba as a magical girl can be found here.

Also, in other news, why oh why would anyone password lock a webpage that contains nothing but fanfiction.  Fanfiction is meant to be read, otherwise why write it?  There is the most awesome Starscream and Megatron at this tumblr, but I can't get to it.  I tried asking for the password, so far though, no response.  Sighs

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Well, my norsekink fill Eye of the Beholder now has eight chapters and 91 reviews.  Part nine will be going up on New Years.  Haven't decided whether I am happy or not that no one has guessed what character will appear in the next chapter.  However, the number of people who guessed Frigga have caused me to attempt to mentally rework the last chapter to try and fit her in somehow.  Have pretty much decided the fic will end at chapter ten, eleven at most.

Also posted a magic kaitou fic for Christmas called Nutcracker based on a prompt from Girl on the Computer.  Facets of a Gem just has six more drabbles to go before closing forever.  I really should get on that as I find myself eager to start my new drabble collection but refuse to until the old one is finished.

You realize I already have ideas for 12 out of the 28 transformer ficlets, and I haven't even started writing it yet.  Speaking of, here we have yet another trine of OC seekers, the Three Seasons.  Trine Leader is Wintersfury followed by Summerlight and Springrain.


Dec. 24th, 2007 01:30 pm
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Okay, here is my Rurouni Kenshin story.  I hope you like it.

An Unorthodox Plan

Old story

Dec. 15th, 2007 04:47 am
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This is the link to my first story ever.

Death Bed Confessions, or Not
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A picture of my main characters from my story From the Ashes.  I am not an amazingly talented artist but they do look like people.   Maybe someday I'll try to do more with them in different poses. 

Also, here is the latest chapter from this story.                        Chapter Fourteen

MK Drabble

Apr. 3rd, 2007 10:59 pm
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My latest ficlets.  The link goes to my collection on, Facets of a Gem.  Once your there you can read all of them

Facets of a Gem


Feb. 21st, 2007 07:08 pm
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It didn't work, what a shock. Oh well, I'll try again later.  Or now, now works.
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This is my attempt to link to my story From the Ashes on  With luck it will work.


Feb. 15th, 2007 03:17 pm
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Sometimes I hate school. There is a midterm tomorrow for COMM 114. I figured out a long time ago that my mind works a bit different from other people. But that doesn't mean I don't understand them. I have an instinctive grasp of public speaking and argument, the practical is no problem. The theory is something else. Why of why did someone have to study all this and put big names attached to it. It should not be a class!!!

Anyway, here is something I wrote for the day of love.

Risk )


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