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Ouch.  Have I really not posted here since late August?  Well, I did finish Foresight, and have started a new MK/DC Collection entitled Flakes of Gold.  New fics should be popping up as soon as a get a spare moment.  But back to the subject at hand.

Does anyone else find it strange that when Harry Potter is crossed over with another show where the characters have powers, for example Percy Jackson or Naruto, that the wizards seem to be portrayed as the superior race?  Not always of course but most of the time. 

When imagining a wizard vs a shinobi, I would concede that that wizard has a slight edge in terms of their actual abilities ie what they are capable of.  However, when you look at how they use those abilities the tables turn.  Spells manifest in streams of bright colored light which any ninja worth their salt could dodge.  Ninja are also faster, physically stronger, don't fight fair, and use other tools besides chakra where as wizard without their wand is pretty much helpless. 

Most shinobi would kill a wizard with a knife through the back of the head rather than starting a fight.  Most wizards don't seem to have that great of situational awareness.  If a wizard could catch a ninja the ninja would be in big trouble but that would be "if."  I also think that in real life a wizard would not be able to use chakra.  It is my personally theory that if they tried to access their physical/spiritual power they would end up pulling on their magic. 

Then there is the wizard vs demi-god.  Now, in a universe where both worlds exist it follows that wizards are blessed by Hecate, the goddess of magic.  We see in the HP series that some creatures are resistant to direct magic (ex. dragon skin).  So, you would think that something like stupefy would just slide off a demi-gods skin.  Animated transfiguration (like in the Dumbledore vs Voldemort scene in OotP) might be effective but only in that the demi-gods would find it similar to fighting a monster.  Plus the demi-gods have their own abilities.


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