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It is so stupid.  I used to really enjoy the norsekink meme.  However, they have amended to rules to include fic "hijacking"  and have defined this to mean any discussion about the fic and/or historical context.  It is totally ridiculous.  You cannot even comment without someone jumping down your throat and it totally ruins the fun for everybody.

I see meme prompts to be guidelines.  If you want a story to be written 100% the way you want it then you should write it yourself instead of posting it.  The discussion is half the fun.  When I post a prompt I want to know what people think about it.  I may like one of their ideas.  As long as your post does not say "this story idea sucks!" I don't see what the problem is.

People have been arguing that discussion makes the story less likely to be written but i totally disagree with that.  If there is no discussion, the prompt just gets buried with the countless other unfilled prompts.  The author who might have wrote it may not even end up seeing it.

On another note, my muses still are not cooperating.  Sighs.  But I will try to write a couple one-shots I already have the outlines for.  Still, a new idea would be nice.


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