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Just had a thought for a one-shot.  Who knows when I will have actual time to write it, but until then.

In a world where Squalo was born female, the Ninth decides that as long as she and his son are practically married anyway, he may as well conspire to make it official.  Que the plotting.  He wants grandbabbies darn it.

I see this fic as not so much get thee to the alter as Xanxus not consciously thinking about the fact his second is female.  Until hang on, 'why is that a**whole flirting with his shark?'
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As the title said, this is a half baked story idea.  So half baked I am not even going to add it to my collection as I have no idea where it is going.  I would post it at the tf-bunny farm but well, I am sure you all remember my rants on that subject so I won't repeat them.  Feel free to adopt this, just send me a line first so I can read it once it is done.  Just no non-con or jumping into bed immediately.
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Aug. 24th, 2011 01:12 pm
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I copied this from the tf_bunny farm.  I personally think it is an awesome idea and would love to see it become a story one day.  Unfortunately, my muse just is not cooperating.  Maybe one of your will.


3) Starscream has a secret.
A secret that enabled him over and over again to go against Megatron without real fear of repercussion or dead.
The secret is that Starscream can't die.
He is already dead. For a long, long time.
once every hundreds vorns Primus sends one of his original 12 to catch
the wayward Spark and bring him to the Matrix/Allspark.
Until now, Starscream has "survived" every attempt. Perhaps this time it will be different.
Chaos ensues. (Humor version)
(drama version) Starscream is a ghost, the ghost of a Seeker Youngling
that died millenia ago because of abuse and neglect. Since then he has
found out how to become sort of corporal and how to look like and adult
when he appears. Unable to overcome his fears of others and scared
somebody will hurt him again, he is content to become part of a group
over and over again without ever making real friends and becoming really
close to them. That's what happened with the Cons.
He even has a
reason why he irritates Megatron over and over again. He can't feel
anything anymore beside really strong pain and so he uses Megatron to
keep himself from going completely mad from some sort of sensory
Primus and the original 12 know his story and that
Starscream is afraid of returning to the Matrix because he fears to be
lonely there again, so they try to be gentle and coax him back home. How
will the Bots and Cons react if they find out?
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Neal's Mom from my leverage plunnie.

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The prince from my PR plunnie. He doesn't have a name yet.


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