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Someday I will just stop writing posting expecations in my authors notes.  I never follow through.  Stuff goes up when it goes up.  I was going to write the next chapter of 'Hedging Your Bets' this weekend.  But, I kid you not, I was going through my old files and found a half written Kuroba Verse one-shot.  So, I stared a minute and decided I had to finish it.  Link can be found below.


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Facets of a Gem is now complete with a whopping 100 drabbles.  Feel free to comment about which one is your favorite as well as why.  I intend to cross-post to manycases1truth assuming my livejournal ever starts working again.  Sighs, what is with that anyway.  New one-shots are entitled Sacrifice, Possession, and Finis.

I have also made my introduction into the Transformers fandom with 26 Little Screams. So far the only one that has been posted is the mini-fill I wrote for TFAnonkink, but I have several pre-written drabbles in my notebook waiting to be typed and several more fleshed out ideas stored in my head so updates should be fairly quick.

And on a third note, happy birthday to me.  I hope all of you are having as good of a day as me.  Am seriously starting to believe that cheesecake is addictive or something though.  I just keep cutting little slices off it.


Feb. 4th, 2012 10:50 am
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Okay, got my latest MK drabble up and posted.  I have entitled it Act I as neither Stage or Theater sounded right.  Reader response was good, but now I have a bunch of people asking about Act II, which I never intended to write.  Hrm, maybe I will include a little omake with the next drabble.  Enter Kaitou Kid the Second who prompted greets Nakamori-jisan.

I have also bitten the bullet and written a mini-fill for TFAnonKink.  It is a Starscream/Megatron fic and can be found here.  I will crosspost it on once my SS centered one-shot collection goes up, but like I said I want to finish Facets of a Gem before that happens.  Just three more drabbles to go.


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