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Jan. 1st, 2015 01:16 am
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Title: Do you know What I'm Seeing?
Author: Chasingpaper
Fandom: White Collar
Summary: How do you tell people you can see ghosts? For Neal he has never known anything different, but when he winds up on a work release deal with Agent Peter Burke his gift becomes more important to him than ever before. But he's spent his life being misunderstood, and his childhood in a mental institution because of it. Can he trust Peter to believe him or should he do what he's best at - being someone else?


"Oh, I'm sorry." Neal almost offered a hand to shake but then corrected himself. "I'm Neal. Neal Caffrey. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know I could see you?"

"Name's Byron. And well, I didn't, but I'm the type of guy that believes anything is possible. I figured if I introduced myself to enough people, eventually one of them would turn around," he chuckled, and it was low and hearty, the kind that warmed you through like a roaring fire on a winter's night. "And if you don't mind me saying, it takes a con to know a con."

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Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:04 am
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Solution to where to put my fic recommendations is so simple I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it earlier.  Complete stories will continue to be posted in my fic rec community everybodyrec2.  Anyone can post so if you want to add your own favorites, assuming I set it up correctly, go right ahead.  Those stories and series that are still works in progress will be posted here.

Here is the first one:

Author: Sholio
Title: The Chains That Bind Us
Fandom: White Collar
Summary: AU in which Peter is a dragonslayer, Neal is a dragon, and Elizabeth is the enchantress who makes a chain to bind him.


But there was another dragon out there, a much bigger and more dangerous dragon, and, Peter realized, the dragon lying at his feet would almost certainly know about it. That, too, he had learned from watching predators: a wolf always knew when another wolf was in its territory. This dragon could probably tell him where the other one had come from, and maybe even how to kill it.

No one talked with dragons much, if they could help it, but dragons did talk; the books were all very clear about that. And if it can talk, Peter thought, then I can interrogate it.

The trick would be interrogating it without having it incinerate him where he stood. There were very good reasons why most people, sane people, did not have conversations with dragons.

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