Mar. 5th, 2012 05:38 am
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Much to my displeasure, I have discovered that the multitude of problems I have been having with livejournal over the past year are solely due to one reason.  Though I am an Amreican, I am not currently in America.  Or England, France, Australia, Japan, well you get the picture.  Something that seriously pisses me off.

Err, not the being abroad thing.  I like Morocco.  For one it is a lot warmer here than it is back home.  I am talking about the internet issues.  I mean, come on, it is called the World Wide Web for a reason.  Shouldn't it be, you know, world wide.  Takes deep breath.  Ah well,  will be back Stateside in May and in the mean time I have figured out a temp fix.  That is good enough for now.
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Sighs, well my livejournal is down again.  Hopefully it won't take as long to fix the site as it did last time.  Sometimes I really wonder if it is worth it.  Don't get me wrong, it is a great site for finding new fic.  It is just the glitches, and more importantly the authors who do not crosspost their completed stories that annoy me.  There is nothing more irritating than clicking a link to find that the story has been deleted/purged whatever.  Well, except searching to discover there is no alternate link.  That is why I frequent both fanfiction.net and AO3.

On another note, happy belated Valentine's Day.  Living in Morocco makes it easy to miss things like that.  I didn't quite get my holiday fic up, but keep your eyes peeled over the next couple days for a one-shot in the Kuroba 'Verse.  Hmm, and maybe another the week after that.  Seriously, when the chapter before last was inspired by Xmas 2010 you know you aren't writing enough.
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Well, have completed the challenge for manycases1truth.  Fic as well as a picture I made of Hakuba as a magical girl can be found here.

Also, in other news, why oh why would anyone password lock a webpage that contains nothing but fanfiction.  Fanfiction is meant to be read, otherwise why write it?  There is the most awesome Starscream and Megatron at this tumblr, but I can't get to it.  I tried asking for the password, so far though, no response.  Sighs

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Since the day I moved into this house nearly two years ago, I have been struggling with the kitchen floor.  For starters, it is white (in theory).  Made of some kind of plaster with bits of rock mixed in.  I swear, it attracts dirt like a magnet attracts iron fillings and is just about impossible to clean.

I tried mopping it with soap and water.  The effect was minimal.  Then floor cleaner, same result.  Then I tried taking a scrub brush to it.  That, well I admit it was working before I noticed it was taking chunks out of the floor as well.  I even tried pouring non-diluted bleach on it.  Nada.  The best result was this omni soap but I had to scrub hard with the cloth and use water so hot it burnt.

Where is this going you ask?  Yesterday I was cooking when I accidentally spilled some vinegar on the floor.  Since it was vinegar and not say honey, I just left it there for a few minutes while I finished what I was doing.  Then I went to clean it up.  Lo and behold, there is now a perfectly white spot on my kitchen floor. 

Arg! If only I had known this when I moved in.  Ah well, at least now I will finally be able to get the floor back to its proper color.

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Feb. 8th, 2007 09:41 pm
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You know, I thought having a live journal was supposed to make this easier. It is so much easier to post things on my account at fanfiction.net. Do other writers have this problem? Maybe it is because I have to right my stories out on paper first. Having to type as I go ruins my train of thought, at least with fiction. I'll try to post some stuff here soon.


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