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Yes: I did jump on the bandwagon
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Having issues with the long awaited epilogue of Eye of the Beholder.  Mostly due to the realization that it doesn't really need an epilogue.  Sighs.  I am almost tempted to just mark it as complete, but I said I would write one so I will.  I just need to sit down, grit my teeth, and churn out something suitably fluffy to give it the whole 'and they lived happily ever after' vibe.

Fortunately my foray into Transformers is going better.  Links to latest additions can be found below.





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Facets of a Gem is now complete with a whopping 100 drabbles.  Feel free to comment about which one is your favorite as well as why.  I intend to cross-post to manycases1truth assuming my livejournal ever starts working again.  Sighs, what is with that anyway.  New one-shots are entitled Sacrifice, Possession, and Finis.

I have also made my introduction into the Transformers fandom with 26 Little Screams. So far the only one that has been posted is the mini-fill I wrote for TFAnonkink, but I have several pre-written drabbles in my notebook waiting to be typed and several more fleshed out ideas stored in my head so updates should be fairly quick.

And on a third note, happy birthday to me.  I hope all of you are having as good of a day as me.  Am seriously starting to believe that cheesecake is addictive or something though.  I just keep cutting little slices off it.

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Author: HitokiriKurisuta
Title: Untouchable
Fandom: Transformers, Generation One
Genre: Dark Comedy
Summary: So it turns out that Starscream's a virgin... Wait, what? And what do you mean, every would-be lover he's ever had is dead?!


Shaking himself briefly, the purple and grey mech smoothed his features back into place. “So… what, did that put you off the whole thing? I have trouble believing that one dead mech would make you shun the experience.”

“Oh, it wasn’t just one.”

“…What?” Astrotrain’s tone went flat – quite the accomplishment, considering the harmonious quality of his voice.

“If I’m not forgetting anyone, I think that it has been… fourteen deaths, and two non-fatal maimings.” He paused. “Wait, it’s three now, as of two days ago.”

To Fic


Feb. 4th, 2012 10:50 am
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Okay, got my latest MK drabble up and posted.  I have entitled it Act I as neither Stage or Theater sounded right.  Reader response was good, but now I have a bunch of people asking about Act II, which I never intended to write.  Hrm, maybe I will include a little omake with the next drabble.  Enter Kaitou Kid the Second who prompted greets Nakamori-jisan.

I have also bitten the bullet and written a mini-fill for TFAnonKink.  It is a Starscream/Megatron fic and can be found here.  I will crosspost it on once my SS centered one-shot collection goes up, but like I said I want to finish Facets of a Gem before that happens.  Just three more drabbles to go.

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Title: Dead Mech Escape
Author: Dragoness Eclectic
Fandom: Transformers Generation One
Warning: Character Death
Summary: PostTFTM At the end of 'Starscream's Ghost', how did Octane escape? What additional grief did the possessive, vindictive ghost of Starscream inflict on Galvatron?


"STARSCREAM!" Galvatron's optics brightened and his mouth opened in horror-after a shocked instant, he recovered himself. "I'll enjoy destroying you even more the second time!"

Octane took a chance on Galvatron's distraction and bolted for the side entrance. Behind him he heard Starscream's angry rejoinder and the howl of Galvatron's fusion cannon.

"Hope you make it, Screamer-ah, what am I saying? You're already dead. He can't hurt you, but he sure the hell can do a number on me! Should have got a fast shuttle out of here as soon as we arrived," Octane muttered to himself as he ran outside and through the base for the shuttle hangar. "Or talked Screamer into returning me to Iacon. Or anything less stupid than hanging around here waiting for Galvatron to return, or Starscream to lose control of Cyclonus, or-"

To Fic

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Have been sucked into the fandom, and so I have decided that once Facets of a Gem is finished (just seven drabbles to go) I will be writing a collection of one-shots centered around Starscream.  Tentative title is 28 Little Screams, but if you have a better one feel free to comment.    Of course, guarenteed, at least one of these drabbles will involve sparklings.  I mean, who doesn't love sparklings.

So, using an online coloring book, irfanview, and paint have come up with these three guys.  I hope to get them in root form later which is more difficult than their alt modes.  They are the result of Skywarp drugging Screamer's energon because he thought his trine leader needed to loosen up.  Of course, this pic would be them all grown up, but like I have said before, one thing at a time.


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