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Author: purplemoon3
Title: Takes All Kinds
Summary: Baby Loki is left on Earth where he is found and adopted by someone better at raising little Joten than Odin.


"Heather?" Her husband questioned as he arrived, bare chested with sword in hand. "What is..."

They stared. The goat had nibbled on the blanket, moving the wrappings just enough to reveal fat baby cheeks and blearily, innocent eyes. But the cheeks were blue, and the eyes were red. Not human. Heather felt Connor's hand come up to rest reassuringly on her shoulder, and his touch banished any misgivings that might have wanted to grow. The world was a strange and wondrous, if at times frighting, place, she knew. There were those who would have called Connor evil, those who only saw what he was and not who he was, and thinking of that she knelt down. The grass crunched beneath her as she placed a hand on the blanket.

"A baby, Connor. A child." The material that the blankets were made from was softer than anything else she'd ever known. "Who do yea think he belongs to?"

Connor was gazing sharp-eyed across the lake and hills, as if expecting something or someone to come riding out demanding... something. Heather was not sure she would want to give it.

The babe sniffled, blinked, and let out a cry that tugged at Heather's heart. She scooped the little one up and cradled him to her chest, shushing it, running a finger along his too-cool cheek... and gasped in wonder as the blue receded. Connor stood, a warm line at her back, peering curiously over her shoulder as they watched cold skin become warm, and ruby eyes emerald. They were green gems like the hills in spring, with the slightest flecks of blue, and they reminded Heather of her mother's.

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Part Eleven of  Eye of the Beholder is up.  Just the epilouge to go and it will be finished.  Honestly, when I started this I wasn't expecting it to become a full story.  Usually when I post a fill on one of the memes it is only three or four parts.  I have too many ideas of my own, see my plunnie corral here, to be writing those of other people.

As for real life, it has stopped raining which is good.  Having the sun come back out means I have a chance of drying my blue jeans without it taking a week.  Also, happy day.  Now that there are two veggie stands in my village the older one is trying to get an edge over his competition by selling some exotics that he ships into site.  Am currently happily munching on a strawberry.  I know, for those of you in America and Europe this does not seem like a big deal.  In Morocco it is.  Maybe if I am really lucky there will be peaches one week.  The season was so sort this year it was practically non-existent.


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