Mar. 15th, 2013 08:22 pm
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Good news.  Using a combination of a knife, a pencil eraser, and superglue I have managed to reattach my comma key to my keyboard.  As you can imagine, this makes typing much easier so hopefully there will be some new fanfiction in my future.

Current story: Hidden Claws an NCIS/Dresden Files Crossover
Current Collection: 26 Little Screams
Other Collections: Black Feathers and Flakes of Gold

Plus a few random plunnies that may be added to Scribbles and Scratches
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After more than a month, my computer has finally begun to load livejournal again.  Do you know what this means?  No more clicking on interesting fanfiction links only to discover that the page they are on won't load.  This also means I can get onto my fanfiction rec community.  Am working on copying the stories over to my new one everybodyrec2, but it will take awhile.  Since it is a community I have to do it the hard way.

Also, on the fanfiction front have uploaded a new drabble to my series Phantom of a Thief based on the a scene in the movie Last Wizard of the Century here.  And for you Thor/Avenger fans, Eye of the Beholder now has six parts and fifty reviews, not counting the comments on norsekink.  Squeals!   I am so happy.

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Have decided that since I moved my journal here, I should move my fanfiction recs as well.  Unfortunately you cannot crosspost to a community, but in the event my computer ever cooperates, I will try to move my stuff the old fashioned way.  In the mean time, there is a link to everybodyrec on livejournal in my welcome post.

On the writing front, Have posted Chapter One of my norsekink fill Eye of the Beholder on fanfiction.net.  Chapters will go up morning and evening until I run out of complete stuff.  I don't want to do it all at once because then no one would comment.  Have also added a drabble to my Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou Collection Facets of a Gem.  It is called Wager and was written for ian904.

Have also written Part One of my white collar crossover but am going to wait to post that until my Thor stuff is done.  Besides, I still need to think of a better title, or just a title in general.  Meanwhile, hope you enjoy.

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Mwaha!  Thanks to moonplanet I have followed the instructions found at the link to set up cross-posting to livejournal automatically.  Of course, I will have to wait awhile to see if it works.  For some reason the internet at my current location occasionally won't load those pages.  Why?  I have no idea.  I am not one of those techno-geniuses.  

Usually it doesn't bug me as the average time it is out is a couple hours to a couple days, however this time we are hitting day seven and still nothing.  Grumbles.  I am going through norsekink withdrawals.  Not to mention being unable to upload the next part of the story I've been writing.  In short, it sucks. 

On another note-


Chapter Story: RK fic called Best Served Cold.  One chapter to go.

One-shot Collections:
DC/MK Facets of a Gem.  Think I will close this one when I hit 100 fics.  To be honest I'm running out of ideas.
MK: PoaT AU.  Scenes from the episodes/movies/OVAs is they happened in my 'verse.

Ongoing Series: MK: Phantom of a Thief
                              MK: The Kuroba 'Verse

My Plunnie Corral:
Scribbles and Scratches.  Please, feel free to take one home with you.  Just send me a note and a link to the first chapter so I can let everyone know the story is being written.
Dribbles and Daydreams.  Like the title, continued scenes from my plot bunnies.

Plans for Future:

One-shot: A White Collar and Chuck crossover based on Season Three finale

Chapter Story: No idea.  May have to put my poll back up.


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